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Vacuum spray pyrolysis coater

Vacuum spray pyrolysis coater

    Vacuum spray pyrolysis coater is an automatic ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (USP) equipment with Stainless Steel Chamber and Molten Tin-Bath Heater. Three compressive gas spray heads are included to enable multilayer film coating.

Vacuum spray pyrolysis coater has stainless steel chamber and molten tin-bath heater. Compares to the regular SS hot plate, the tin-bath heater provides uniform and stable heating to the substrate during the coating process. The SS304 chamber ensures a clean and healthy atmosphere suitable for the most demanding experimental requirements. A software is included for the automation of spray head movement and dispensing rate. A positive displacement pump controlled by a stepper motor is used to dispense solution as per requirement. The ultrasonic spray head ejects fine atmoized solution on substrate and its movement is controlled by the stepper motor driven linear stages in X and Y direction to ensure uniform coating. The spray pattern and velocity can be adjusted by changing the compressed gas pressure at the nozzle.

Vacuum spray pyrolysis coater specifications:

Power Input

•    Single phase 208 - 240 VAC,  50/60 Hz

•    Actuator: Stepper motor, 24 VDC

Chamber Size 

The SS304 chamber provides a working space 700mm×700mm×800mm


•   Dispensing unit capacity: 50 mL & 250 mL (two containers included) container

•   Container dispensing rate: 1-10 mL / min adjustable via software

•   Syringe pump dispensing rate: 20 μL/min - 10 mL/min adjustable via software



•   Three compressive gas spray heads are included to enable multilayer film coating

•   Each spray head can be used to spray a different type of solution. A masking disc inside the chamber (flip   shutter), which can be moved from outside using a knob/lever, is used to prevent the substrate from being exposed to droplets during spray head   changeover.

•   Producing a fine spray of droplets of 50 microns average size

•   Fluid   viscosity range: 1 - 50 mPa•s (cP)

•   Sprayer traverse:  X - Y 200 mm max

•   Drive speed X axis: 10-800 mm / sec

•   Drive speed Y axis: 1-12 mm / sec

Pressure Regulator & Gauge

Pressure Regulator and Gauge

•   Pressure regulator with digital gauge is installed on the machine for precise air   pressure control.

•   Recommended pressure for gas-assisted spray of aqueous solution: ~3 psi

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

•   156 L/m Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Exhaust Filter is included in the package

•   Normal base pressure range 500~600 milibar

•   The vacuum pump is installed in the bottom cabinet

Molten Tin-bath Heater

Molten Tin-bath Heater

•    Dimension: 150 mm × 150 mm

•    Max. temperature: 500℃


•    The system controller box is connected to laptop or Surface Pro via RS232 port and USB adapter

•    Centralized software control of dispensing rate, X-Y stage movement, solution loading and draining

•    All of the process parameters can be saved as a user process and retrieved later or analysis or re-run

•   One brand new laptop computer or one Microsoft Surface Pro with pre-installed software is included.  


One year limited warranty with lifetime support (demo before purchase available)


CE certified

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