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1500℃ single heating zone high vacuum CVD system with 3-channel mass flow meter CY-O1500-60IT-3Z-HV

1500℃ single heating zone high vacuum CVD system with 3-channel mass flow meter CY-O1500-60IT-3Z-HV

    1500℃ single heating zone high vacuum CVD system is equipped with three-channel mass flowmeter, which has high precision and high reliability. It can accurately mix 1~3 channels of gas. The operation panel adopts digital display, which is intuitive and efficient. If you have special needs, you can contact the technician to customize any number of gas channels.

1500℃ single heating zone high vacuum CVD system consists of a 1500℃ single temperature zone tube furnace, a three-channel float flowmeter and a high vacuum molecular pump set. The tube furnace is controlled by the precision temperature control instrument for PID temperature control. It can edit the 30-segment temperature rise and fall program and has the function of overheating and short circuit protection. The flanges on both sides of the furnace tube are equipped with a digital vacuum gauge and a mechanical pressure gauge, which can be used to control the atmosphere in the furnace tube. At the same time, the tube furnace is operated by high-definition true color touch screen, which is easy to use. Even non-professionals can master the use of the instrument after simple training, which can greatly improve your experiment efficiency.

The furnace tube is made of high-purity alumina, and the furnace body adopts integrated design. The unique design can ensure the system is stable and safe at 1500℃. The heating element is made of high-quality silicon carbon rod, which can reach 1500℃ high temperature. If the customer has the need, the silicon molybdenum rod heating element can be customized to achieve a higher temperature of 1700℃.

The system is also equipped with a precision molecular pump set, which can achieve a vacuum of 1.0E-3pa level, which can provide users with a purer and more stringent experimental environment than ordinary mechanical pumps.

1500℃ single heating zone high vacuum CVD system applications:

It is suitable for high-temperature sintering, metal annealing, quality inspection, etc. in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, especially for CVD experiments that require a variety of gas mixing atmospheres.

1500℃ single heating zone high vacuum CVD system technical parameters:

Vacuum tube   furnace



Tube material

High purity alumina

Tube diameter

60mm (optional 50mm, 80mm, 100mm)

Tube length


Furnace chamber   length


Heating zone   length


Constant   temperature zone


Operating   temperature


Temperature   control accuracy


Temperature   control mode

30 or 50 segment program temperature control

Display mode


Sealing   method

304 stainless steel vacuum flange

Flange   interface

1/4" ferrule connector, KF16/25/40 joint



Power supply

AC:220V   50/60Hz

Gas supply system



Gas channel


Measuring   unit

Gas mass flow meter

Measuring   range

A channel: 0100SCCM H2 gas

Remarks: If you need other ranges or gas types, you need to specify when ordering. According to the customer's specific requirements, the flow meter of the corresponding gas type and range can be selected.

B channel: 0300SCCM N2 gas

C channel: 0500SCCM Ar gas

measurement  accuracy


Pipe pressure resistance


Working   pressure difference


Connecting   pipe

304 stainless steel

Gas channel

304 stainless steel needle valve

Interface   specification

1/4" ferrule connector for gas inlet and outlet

Exhaust system



Molecular pump


Backing pump

Rotary vane pump

Pumping rate

Molecular pump: 600L/S

Comprehensive gas pumping performance: 30 minutes vacuum can reach: 1.0E-3Pa

Rotary vane pump: 1.1L/S

Pumping   interface


Exhaust   interface


Vacuum   measurement

Compound vacuum gauge: Resistance gauge + ionization gauge

Ultimate   vacuum


Power supply

AC:220V   50/60Hz

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