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Compact auto-sliding CVD tube furnace

Compact auto-sliding CVD tube furnace

    The CVD slide rail furnace system consists of a dual temperature zone slide rail furnace, a proton flow control system, and a vacuum system. The dual temperature zone slide rail furnace can be moved and can realize rapid temperature rise and fall; the four-channel proton flowmeter can precisely control the gas supply of the system; the vacuum pump can realize the rapid vacuuming of the tube furnace.

When the CVD tube furnace is operated, the constant high temperature required for the experiment can be directly pushed to the sample, so that the sample can obtain a rapid heating rate. Similarly, the high temperature tube furnace can be directly pushed away from the sample, so that the sample is directly exposed to the room temperature environment and the rapid cooling rate can be obtained.

It is suitable for universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do graphene growth, high temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiment, vacuum annealing, especially suitable for CVD test requiring rapid temperature rise and fall.

Compact auto-sliding CVD tube furnace technical parameters:



Supply voltage


Total power


Operating temperature


Heating rate

Recommended 10℃/min

Furnace tube size

O.D.50mm-220mm-220mm(heating zone)- tube length 1200mm

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature zone

Double temperature zone

Furnace tube material

4-channel proton flowmeter: one 100sccm; one 200sccm; two 500sccm

Vacuum system

Double stage rotary vane vacuum pump

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