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Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. participated in the 2019 Autumn Academic Conference of the Chinese Physical Society

Sep 25, 2019

On September 20-22, 2019, Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. (referred to as CYKY) participated in the 2019 Chinese Physics Society Fall Conference (CPS Fall Meeting) hosted by Zhengzhou University. The annual academic conference hosted by the Physical Society began in 1999. The purpose of the conference was to promote academic exchanges in the domestic physics community, improve academic standards, and promote the comprehensive development of physics and personnel training. Through the joint efforts of the Conference Organizing Committee and the Chinese physics community, the conference has gradually evolved from the initial 200-person scale to the current 3,000-person scale, and has become the largest and most comprehensive brand academic event in China's physics community. CYKY attended the meeting and presented related equipment and technology at the conference.

Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

This conference brought together many experts and scholars in the field of physics. Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. exhibited plasma cleaner, spin coater, coating equipment, flow meter and other laboratory products. The self-developed small plasma coater and single-target magnetron sputtering coater have compact structure, and the desktop design is convenient for laboratory research, which attract many experts and scholars at the scene.

Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

CYKY has been following the development of scientific research industry, constantly updating new products, developing products that meet customer needs, and striving to better serve researchers from all walks of life, and strive to show our equipment better to you, for the experts and scholars to provide more equipment options.

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