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Furnace StructureDouble layer steel casing with air cooling to keep furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C.
High purity fibrous alumina insulation for Max. energy saving.
Hydrogen detector and solenoid valve are included for safe operation
The hydrogen gas furnace must be placed under fume hood which is not included
Power3.0  KW  Max. ( 20A breaker required)
VoltageAC 208-240 Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Max. Temperature1100°C  ( < 1 hour )
Continuous Temperature1000°C
Max. Heating Rate<= 20°C /min
Processing Tube

Material: Nickel based super-alloy seamless tube with max. 1200°C working temperature

Tube Size:  OD 60 x  ID 52 x  Length 1000 (mm)

Gas-outlet Flow-meterOne 1000 ml/min floating meter is installed on gas-outlet end for adjusting gas flow rate
1/4" Dia stainless steel tube is installed for burning hydrogen gas during gas flowing
One long lighter is included in the standard package for igniting hydrogen gas manually.
One 6" long neck flexes safe lighter is included for lighting hydrogen gas
PC Connection

RS485 port is installed in front of the panel for PC connection.

PC control module and software are included for computerized temperature control

Dimension after crafting45x45x35  inch
Constant temperature zone150  mm (+/-1°C)
Temperature controller
PID automatic control with 30 segments programmable
Automatic over-temperature and thermal broken protection
RS485 Communications Port.
Advanced Temperature Control (Optional)
CYS02-Y Temperature control software kit  + 15 " laptop package is available at the options bar.
You may upgrade the temperature controller to the Eurotherm 3504 Temperature Controller which is fully compatible with Lab VIEW. This package includes a Eurotherm 3504 programmer, a communication cable (RS485 - USB) and a software CD.
Temperature Accuracy+/ - 1°C
Heating ElementFe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Dimension550 x 380 x 520  mm
Net Weight50  Kg
Shipping weight200 lbs
Flanges and Gas InletTwo sets of CF-63 flanges are welding on two ends of the tube which allow high vacuum up to 10E-5 torr and 30 PSI positive pressure.
One solenoid valve is installed on the left of the flange for Hydrogen gas inlet. It connects with hydrogen detector.  Once hydrogen gas leak is detected ( 10% below hydrogen explode point ), gas inlet valve will be shut down immediately
One pressure gauge is installed on the end of gas inlet.  Hydrogen gas pressure must be controlled under 5 PSI, which can be adjust by a stainless steel needle valve
Hydrogen Detector SystemGas Detector is Integrated into the system.
Working Temperature Range:   40ºF to +149ºF (-40ºC to +65ºC)
Alarm Point: H2 Limited Explosive Line 10% (10% LEL).  Once detecting H2 gas beyond the point, it will shut off the inlet valve to the H2 automatically.
WarrantyOne year limited warranty for electrical and mechanical parts.
Laptop, software & WiFi Control (Optional)Labview Based Temperature Control System enables user to edit temperature profile, manage heat-treatment recipe, record and plot data for CY furnaces.
A wireless remote control provides up to 300 meters operating range.
Above features are available upon request at an extra cost . Please contact us for more information.
Note: The software is only compatible with CY’s Temperature Controller
WarningTube furnaces with alumina tubes are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.12 atm (absolute pressure)
The flow rate for gases should be limited to < 200 SCCM (or 200 ml/min) for reducing thermal shocks to the tube
Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation.
Vacuum limit definition for all quartz tube furnaces: * Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1000°.

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