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Air tightness tester

Air tightness tester

    Air tightness tester has the function of whether the product is qualified or not, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and false detection. The air circuit connection is simple and can be quickly loaded and unloaded.The core components are all imported components to ensure accurate testing and stable performance.

Air tightness tester can be widely used in the sealing test of automotive, electrical appliances, gas appliances, medical and packaging industries, including but not limited to:

1.Automotive parts such as carburetor, oil needle valve, fuel tank switch, refrigeration air conditioning, etc.

2.Gas cooker, gas meter valve, gas oven, plug valve, gas water heater

3.Container type glass, food packaging and metal products with sealing requirements

4.Aluminum castings and valves, hermetic relays, sealed motors, submersible pumps, solenoid valves, mufflers, capillaries, etc.

5.Medical equipment, watches, underwater cameras, cameras, sensors, electronic components, etc.

Air tightness tester main features:

1) 320×240 graphic dot matrix color LCD display, the display is delicate and clear;

2)  Friendly communication menu makes the operation visual and simple;

3) High precision, very sensitive to induction of very low flow changes, high stability, automatic temperature and pressure compensation function;

4) The simple operation panel is designed to make the parameter setting easy to operate and the test result display be clear at a glance, which greatly reduces the operation error;

5) The system pressure and test flow can be calibrated in the field. The calibration process is simple and fast, and the calibration accuracy depends only on the selected standard calibration equipment;

6) IO contacts are abundant, and can be connected with external control components (such as PLC) to form automatic detection equipment;

7) Multi-channel function, can preset up to 16 sets of user configuration parameters, each set of parameters can be independently set test parameters, can easily respond to different product tests, these preset parameters can be selected by software (usually used for manual operation) Or rear panel coding selection (usually used for remote control of PLC and other equipment), channel parameters can be easily copied, pasted or exported;

8) With test result statistics and export function, the historical test data can be directly stored in the user's U disk in text format; the test results contain a lot of content, including such as total number of measurements, measurement station, serial number, test time , test data, test status and other information;

9) it has a rich communication interface, including:

      An isolated RS-232 serial communication interface;

      One-way RJ-45 10/100M Ethernet communication interface;

      USB HOST universal serial communication interface, can be connected to U disk, USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB HUB, USB barcode scanner, USB printer, USB marking machine and other peripherals (optional);

      Safety light curtain interface;

      Communication protocol RS-232 (default) / RS485 (optional) can be customized according to customer requirements.

10) With optional external barcode scanner function, it automatically reads current product information;

11) Front manual pressure regulation or built-in automatic electronic pressure regulation (optional) function, flexible configuration, convenient on-site operation and pressure adjustment;

12) Provide optional PC operation configuration software.

Air tightness tester technical parameters:

Working principle

Flow type

Display mode

320 × 240 dot matrix LCD color


Pressure adjustment range


Pressure regulation accuracy

±0.25% FS

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy

± (0.8% Rdg + 0.2% F.S)

When the flow rate is 0.05ml/min, the precision can reach   0.00054ml/min.


±0.2% F.S

Zero drift & full scale drift

0.02% F.S/oC/Atm

Air source pressure


Background gas

dry clean compressed air, N2 or inert gas

Ambient temperature

0 ~ 50℃

Ambient humidity

0~95% RH, no condensation

Environmental pressure


Power supply

AC170~264V 3A 50Hz

Power consumption



170mm × 365mm × 307mm (H × W × D)

Hole size

162mm × 327mm (H × W)

Installation method

embedded, placed



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