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Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Staff Management Training

Apr. 29, 2019

On the morning of April 27, 2019, our company invited Mr. Dou, a well-known marketing and management consultant, career planner and training instructor, to conduct professional management training for all employees of the company according to the actual situation of the company. The training aims to improve the overall management level of the enterprise, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, enhance the staff's ability, and build a cohesive high-performance team.

The training was highly valued by the company's leaders and required all employees of the company to participate. During the training, everyone concentrates on listening, actively interacting, and taking notes seriously. On the current development of the company, Mr. Dou put forward three “five” throughout the training class for each person involved in the training, and also let everyone fall into deep thinking. The teacher explained the most practical truth in a streamlined and concise language. These examples are vivid and just right. The special case analysis opens up new ideas for everyone. Through the story of the masons, everyone understands the importance of innovative thinking; everyone begins to think about how to transform their own ideas and become better staffs. We must use this training as an opportunity to further change the concept, enhance entrepreneurship, improve product value, effectively improve corporate management and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


The entire training lasted more than three hours and was successfully completed in the warm applause of everyone. Everyone has benefited a lot from this training. Not only did they get a lot of enlightenment in their careers, but they also opened up their thinking. They began to think about how to become a better staff. We have also learned new management concepts and new knowledge, which can greatly improve the management of enterprises. The next step requires us to strengthen our confidence and work hard. After the meeting, Manager Wang also made a summary of this meeting. Zhengzhou CY Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. will present itself in front of everyone with a more spiritual look, and constantly reform and innovation to achieve rapid development of the company.

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