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Multi-component gas analyzer

Multi-component gas analyzer

    Multi-component gas analyzer is widely used in online analysis and testing such as medical treatment, oxygen production, and air separation. Multi-component gas analyzer has an original imported fuel cell electrochemical sensor, fast response, high measurement accuracy, long calibration period, weak acid resistance.

Multi-component gas analyzer has a built-in original imported mass flow meter, the flow display is intuitive and convenient, and the service life is long. The three measured media all have temperature compensation function to reduce the influence of ambient temperature on measurement accuracy.The analyzer has two display modes, Chinese and English, which users can switch freely. The sensor has an automatic protection function without manual intervention. 

Multi-component gas analyzer main features:

1.Large-screen touch screen display, single screen displays three kinds of media concentration values, flow values and other related parameters;

2.Historical data storage function, users can query historical data and historical curves locally at any time;

3.The user can choose the altitude module to avoid the influence of atmospheric pressure changes on the measurement accuracy;

4.H2O, CO users can choose not to use the range sensor;

5.Each measuring medium corresponds to one analog and alarm output;

6.Built-in alarm buzzer, redundant alarm points for three media;

7. If the zirconia sensor is not energized, it does not be consumed, has a long life, and is easy to maintain;

8.Imported film capacitive sensor, fast response and high sensitivity;

9.No reference gas is required, and is not affected by the working environment oxygen concentration;

10.Very good selectivity for the gas to be measured.

Multi-component gas analyzer technical parameters:

Display mode

640 × 480 dot matrix LCD touch screen

Measuring range

oxygen concentration: 10.00~ 99.99% O2

Carbon monoxide concentration: 0~ 10ppm CO

Dew  point: -80.0~ 20.0 °C (basic type)

           -100~ +20.0°C (extended type)

Test accuracy

oxygen   concentration: ± 1% FS

Carbon   monoxide concentration: ± 1% FS

Dew   point: ≤±1.2%FS




Response time

oxygen concentration: T90   15S

Carbon monoxide: T90 30S

Dew point: T 90 50S

Analog output

Three-way   4-20mA.DC (non-isolated output, load resistance less than 500 ohms), corresponding to three test media

Three-way   programmable dry contact passive alarm output (contact maximum capacity 220VAC/2A), corresponding to three test media

Communication   interface

RS232 (default) or RS485

Sample gas flow

oxygen / carbon monoxide channel 0.4 ~ 0.6L / min

Dew point channel 1.5 ~ 2L / min

Sample gas pressure

inlet pressure 0.1 ~ 0.5MPa, outlet pressure is atmospheric pressure

Flow display

electronic flow meter

Sampling method

straight-through type

Service life

oxygen sensor > 5 years (under normal use conditions)

Carbon monoxide sensor > 3 years (under normal use conditions)

Dew   point sensor > 5 years (under normal use conditions)



176mm × 350mm × 356mm (H × W × D)

Hole Size

176mm × 307mm (H × W)

Power supply

AV170 ~ 264V 50/60Hz, power consumption is less than 20W

Air circuit interface

NPT 1/8 internal thread

Installation method



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