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Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer

Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer

    Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer is used for welding and cutting proportional gas. Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer is based on the infrared absorption principle, there is no abrasion on the measurement part thus there is no need to maintain the analyzer. 

Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer has a friendly communication menu to make the operation visual and simple. There is no need to do special test and protection to the sensor within test range, making the operation and maintaining easier.It is of good selectivity to the tested gas.

Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer main features:

1.Friendly communication menu makes the operation visual and simple;

2.Long calibration interval cycle, high accuracy and reliable stability;

3.The compensation system for temperature can eliminate the change from environment temperature;

4.The function of storing data automatically allows the users to look through the historic data freely;

5.The built-in lithium battery with large capacity is convenient for field operation and easy to maintain;

6.The built-in extraction pump(optional).

Portable infrared carbon dioxide analyzer technical parameters:

Test principle

infrared principle

Display mode

128×64 matrix dot LCD 

Test range

0 ~ 30/50/99.9% CO2       


≤± 1.2%FS


≤± 1%

Response time


Sample gas temperature

-10~ 50

Sample gas flow

300 ~ 600ml/min

Sampling mode

sample gas pass-in or   extraction

Sample gas pressure(without pump)

0.05Mpa≤entrance displayed pressure≤ 0.35Mpasteady pressure environment

Sample gas pressure(with pump)

micro-positive pressure, micro-negative pressure or  ordinary pressure

Appearance Size


Serving life

24 months (under normal use)

Gas   circuit port

NPT 1/8 internal thread

Battery specification

lithium battery11000mAH   ,12.6V/2Ah

Charging source

AC170 ~ 264V  50/60Hz

Install mode

portable mode

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