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Wall-mount dew point analyzer

Wall-mount dew point analyzer

    Wall-mount dew point analyzer can be widely applied in the online measurement of water concentration in the industries like petrochemical industry, natural gas, industrial gas industry, semiconductor industry, drying industry, food industry, electronic power industry, machine manufacturing industry, air separation industry, pharmacy, etc.

Wall-mount dew point analyzer adopts imported capacitive dew point sensor, which has the characteristics of quick response, high sensitivity and good repeatability.Wall-mount dew point analyzer. The wall mount mode makes it convenient to operate at scene and easy to maintain.

Wall-mount dew point analyzer main features:

1.With the function of data auto-storing, the interval of recording time can be set freely among the range of 1min~24h and the alarm point can be set freely, too;

2.It can do one-way or two-way communication with the computer;

3.It has a long calibration cycle, 2 years in usual.

4.Reverse blow function (optional) can be expanded to prevent the filter from being polluted for too long to influence the measurement of the oxygen concentration;

5.The imported extraction pump is built in.

Wall-mount dew point analyzer technical parameters:

Test principle

thin-film capacitor

Display mode

128×64 matrix dot LCD

Test range

basic type,-60 ~ +20

standard type,-80 ~ +20

expansive type,-100 ~ +20


≤±1(0 ~ -60)  

≤±2(below -60



Response time





Analog output

4-20mA.DC(non-isolated output, loaded resistance lower than 500 Ohm

 0-5V.DC(non-isolated output, loaded resistance higher than 10k Ohm)

1 way programmable alarm output (Dry contact type, maximum load 220VAC/2A)    

Communication port

RS232(default)or RS485

Power supply

AC170 ~ 265V 50/60Hz

Working temperature

-10 ~ +50

Sampling mode

sample gas pass-in or extraction

Sample gas flow

2 ~ 4L/min

Sample gas pressure

(without pump) 0.05MPa≤entrance displayed pressure≤ 0.35MPa

Sample gas pressure

(with pump) micro-positive pressure, micro-negative pressure or ordinary pressure

Background gas

H2, He, inactive gas and   hydrocarbon, etc

Appearance Size


Serving life

4 years(under normal use)

Gas circuit port

NPT 1/8 internal thread

Install mode

wall mount

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