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Digital controlled heatable syringe pump Digital controlled heatable syringe pump

Digital controlled heatable syringe pump

    Digital controlled heatable syringe pump a push-type injection pump,The infusion speed can be adjusted within a certain range.Different infusion speed can be set according to different experimental requirements to meet the needs of different experimental requirements.The standard equipment is equipped with 20ml syringe

Digital controlled heatable syringe pump main features:

1. Keyboard interface input, easy to operate

2. Holds small or big syringes up to 60 mL

3. Pumps continuously until you stop the pump

4. the infusion speed can be changed during the infusion supply process

5. with memory function, it can repeat the previous operation

6. Power failure mode allows the pump to continue pumping after reset

7. The syringe can be removed separately for cleaning

8. Displays total volume dispensed in mL or µL units

9. Maximum pumping rate of  25 mL/hr with a 60 mL syringe

10. accurate injection rate and good repeatability

11. Optional infusion rate unit: mL / hr, μL / hr, mL / min, μL / min

12. Only injectable, without extraction function

Digital controlled heatable syringe pump specifications:

Input Power Requirement

100 -240VAC,   0.75Amps

Max. Power

23 W 

Max. Temperature  


Thermo Couple

K type

Temperature Control Unit

•     The controller uses PID via SCR power control

•     30 segments programmable   for heating rate, dwell temperature and time, and cooling rate

•     Receives analog output from infrared pyrometer

•     Over temperature protection and alarm allows for operation without attendant(s).

•     +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.


260×30×120 mm (L×D×H)


  20ml Glass syringe
  OD: 24mm
  ID: 20mm
  Total Length with booster:145mm

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