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High precision 10-channel micro laboratory syringe pump

High precision 10-channel micro laboratory syringe pump

    High precision 10-channel micro laboratory syringe pump is a 10-channel perfusion/extraction syringe pump, which is mainly used in biological laboratories, with integrated structure. It can hold different sizes of syringes (sample injectors), and the micro syringe pump is suitable for high precision, low flow liquid transport.

High precision 10-channel micro laboratory syringe pump main features:

1. Syringe inner diameter input function: You can add a syringe from the list or enter the syringe ID directly.

2. The human-machine interface of the micro-injection pump is friendly: the large screen LCD display, The digital knob is used in conjunction with the membrane button for quick and easy operation.

3. Four working modes: perfusion mode, extraction mode, extraction perfusion mode, continuous mode.

4. Memory function: 

(1)The EEPROM saves the setup parameters and does not need to be reset after power-on. 

(2)When the operation is running in the flow mode, the power is turned off. After the power is restored, the parameters can be continuously run or stopped according to the set parameters.

5. Protection function: When the propulsion mechanism of the syringe pump is blocked during the work, the syringe pump will stop the work of the propulsion mechanism and emit a whistle alarm.

6. It can be connected to the host computer by 485 communication bus and controlled by the background software.

7. External control interface: with access to / output control. 

Calibration function: More accurate flow is obtained through the calibration procedure.

Syringe protection function: The syringe can be prevented from being damaged by adjusting the position of the limit block.

High precision 10-channel micro laboratory syringe pump technical parameters:

Working mode


Flow range

0.831ul / min a 21.675ml/min

Number of syringes


Maximum stroke


Stroke resolution


Line speed range

5μm/min-130mm/min (flow rate = line speed   × syringe area)

Line speed adjustment resolution


Stroke control accuracy

Error≤±0.5% (stroke ≥ 30% of the maximum   stroke)

Rated linear thrust


Syringe selection

Built-in main manufacturer’s main model syringes   for selection

Syringe definition

You may directly enter the inner diameter   of the syringe

Flow correction

Get a more accurate volume through the   calibration procedure

Operating parameter settings

Dispensing liquid volume, injection time,   etc.

Display parameter selection

Fluid volume, flow rate, or linear   velocity

Power-down memory

After power-on, you can choose whether to   continue working according to the state before power off.

Status signal output

2-channel OC gate signal output for   indicating start/stop and direction status

Control signal input

2 channel start/stop control input, 1   channel falling edge trigger signal control start and stop; 1 channel TTL   level signal control start and stop

Communication Interface






Power supply

AC   200V-260V/35W

Working environment relative humidity


Working temperature

0℃- 40℃

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