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Micro flow rate syringe pump (suitable for glass syringe)

Micro flow rate syringe pump (suitable for glass syringe)

    Micro flow rate syringe pump is a split-type, multi-channel series connection push-pull type syringe pump, which can independently control up to 8 channels of syringe pump, and install different sizes of syringes (injectors).

Micro flow rate syringe pump is widely used in biology and chemistry reaction injection experiments, long-term animal drug injection experiments, electrospinning, microfluidic applications and other laboratory microinjection experiments, etc., through the mechanical device to promote the syringe, to achieve high-precision, smooth liquid transmission. 

Micro flow rate syringe pump main features:

1. Intuitive and easy to use: It adopts 4.3-inch colorful LCD screen with touch function, which is intuitive and easy to operate.

2. Computer control: can connect the device to the computer through the USB-TTL232 communication line, and control it through the background software;

3. Multi-channel independence: select the split type, multi-channel independent control of the syringe pump, one controller (touch screen or computer) can complete any combination of multiple channels;

4. Clean and no worries: connect wireless mouse remote control work, so that the syringe pump has no hidden troubles to operate in a ultra-clean working table and other closed environment; 

5, multi-factory mode: the program collects more than 95% of the common syringe models in the market, and can automatically remember the newly input syringe;

6, DIY function: provide the underlying dynamic library and programming interface, the user can carry out secondary development in the personal computer through C#, C++, VB and other programming languages;

7, accurate calibration: the program comes with a flow calibration function to eliminate the volume error caused by long-term work;

8. Protection setting: protect the syringe from being damaged by setting the left and right limit positions;

9. Memory function: The system automatically saves the current operating parameters, and can start working directly after power-on.

Micro flow rate syringe pump specifications:

Channel number


Infusion volume per microstep


Applicable syringe type


Advance per microstep


Flow range


Max. line speed


Min. line speed


Maximun pace

6933 Step/s

Minimum pace

0.02533 Step/s

Woking mode

Push & pull

Linear force


Control accuracy

control error <=0.1%, when the stroke   is more than 30% of the full stroke

Control and display

4.3 inch LCD colorful touch screen

Voltage range


Working environment

temperature 5-40, relative humidity <80%

Mainframe dimensions




Touch screen dimensions


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