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Rapid annealing furnace

Rapid annealing furnace

    RTP rapid annealing furnace is a powerful heating device independently developed by our company. The product adopts imported infrared heating tube heating, reasonable novel structure, furnace body and furnace tube can slide freely, and can achieve rapid temperature rise and fall. The size of the furnace tube is 120mm, and 4 inches of material can be placed directly. The sample reaction zone is located in a closed quartz cavity. While completing the production process, it also greatly reduces the possibility of indirect contamination of the sample.

Main functions and features:

   1. Visualized 7-inch touch screen, set data and operation are graphical interface, easy to operate;

  2. The furnace body is equipped with a high-precision mobile platform, which runs smoothly without jitter;

  3. The furnace tube can move freely, and the sealing flange is pressed tightly with a buckle. The material can be put and taken quickly and conveniently, avoiding the possibility of air leakage caused by the bolt sealing artificial operation; reducing the heating tube caused by the installation flange. The possibility of damage; when the furnace tube out of the furnace when the fan does not start cold, can achieve rapid cooling of the sample to meet the experimental requirements of quenching and sudden heat of materials;

  4. The furnace is made of imported polycrystalline fiber vacuum adsorption. It is heated by imported infrared heating tube and has a service life of up to 5,000 hours. The heating rate is fast and the maximum temperature can reach 1050°C.

  5. set aside vacuum, gas fast interface, can be used with our vacuum system, mixed gas system;

  6. Reserved 485 conversion interface, which can be connected with the computer through our company's special software, which can realize the functions of remote control, real-time tracking, historical record, and output report of single or multiple electric furnaces;

  7. set over-temperature alarm and power, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation.

The main purpose and scope of application:

It is used in the research and development and production of semiconductor devices, and can meet the requirements of rapid annealing after ion implantation, rapid ohmic contact alloys, annealing of silicide alloys, growth of oxides, and selenium in copper indium gallium selenide photovoltaic applications.

Accumulation and other rapid heat treatment process occasions.

The main technical parameters

Product Model:CY-R1000-200IT


Furnace structure: double shell structure, high-precision mobile platform


Furnace material: high quality and high purity alumina polycrystalline fiber curing furnace vacuum adsorption molding, good insulation performance


Furnace tube material: high purity quartz tube φ210*650mm, effective sample space: 8 inches


Sealing Flange: Stainless Steel Fast Extrusion Sealing Flange


Temperature control system: temperature control system adopts touch screen operation, artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID adjustment, Tuning function, and can compile 30 sections of heating and cooling procedures; temperature control accuracy of soil 1C


Display mode: LCD touch screen display


Heating element: imported infrared tube


Temperature measuring element: N-type thermocouple (optional built-in thermocouple, real-time monitoring of heating material temperature)


Working temperature: maximum temperature 1050°C, continuous working temperature ≤1000°C


Heating rate: Recommended ≤80°C/S, fastest heating rate 200°C/S


Cooling speed: 200°C or more and ≤25min


Constant temperature zone: heating zone length 200mm


Equipment size: 650mm*1200mm*650mm (deep * wide * high)


Net weight of equipment: 185kg


Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz; rated power 45KW


Optional vacuum: customers can choose to configure low vacuum system or high vacuum system according to actual needs


Gas supply system: customers can choose to configure multi-channel float flow meter or mass flow meter mix according to actual needs, Gas supply system

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