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Roll to Roll Electrospinning SystemRoll to Roll Electrospinning SystemRoll to Roll Electrospinning System

Roll to Roll Electrospinning System

    Roll to Roll Electrospinning System has automatic roll to roll substrate feeding and retrieving unit. The syringe pump that renders a smooth and uninterrupted flow enabling uniform spinning.The high voltage power supply delivers 0-50 kV output voltage range with a maximum current capacity of 1 mA.

Roll to roll electrospinning system Heatable vacuum bed assists coating bake-out before collecting. The drying temperature can reach 100℃, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃. Such system provides an attendant workflow for nanofiber spinning, coating bake-out, and collecting.

Roll to Roll Electrospinning System specifications:

Spraying Head (Needle) and Supporting Stand

•     Hight and position adjustable supporting stand

•     Removable Spraying Heads (up to 5 needles). 

•     Single Voltage input cable minimizes the repulsion of the jet between the needles.

•     Distance between each needle: 25mm

•     Needle O.D.: 0.9mm

•     Needle I.D.: 0.6mm

•     Needle Length: 12mm

•     Maximum distance from needle to heating bed: 235mm

•     Minimum distance from needle to heating bed: 70mm

High Voltage Power Supply

     0 - 50 kV single output, 1 mA max current

     Digital voltmeter and current meter

     Output voltage and current can be set by using knobs on the front panel and read from the digital display

     Constant current / constant voltage modes available

     AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 50W max power consumption

     Dimension: 155mm(L)×245mm (W)×125(H)

Syringe Pump

     LCD touch screen controlled infusion syringe pump for precise solution feeding.

     Easy to use.

     Pumping rate 0.1 - 45mm/min

     Travel Range: 0.001 - 120mm

     Micro speed adjustment : 0.01 - 8mm/min

     A 250ml Syringe is included for immediate use.

     208 - 240 VAC

     Dimension: 300mm(L)×265mm(W)×260 mm (H)

Heatable Vacuum Bed

     Heating bed for solution drying

     PID temperature controller with the precision of +/- 1C.

     Heats up to 100C

     208 - 240 VAC

     2000W Max Power.

Roll to Roll System

     Compact roll to roll system up to 200mm width

     Motor rpm (Controller display) Range: 1 ~ 41rpm

     Gear Head's reduction ratio: 100k

     Actual substate traverse speed range: 2.2 mm/s ~ 117.2 mm/s



     Heatable Vacuum Bed with the Roll to Roll system and stand

     Total dimensions: 805mm(L)×435mm(W)×565mm(H)

     The height of the Vacuum Bed: 180mm.

     The height of needle holder: 385mm.


One-year limited warranty with lifetime support

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