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5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment 5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment

5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment

    5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment is designed to preparing multilayer coating up to 5 solutions inside a temperature controlled oven with touch-screen digital control.Dipping rate, pulling rate, dwell time, and amount of cycles can be setup by touch screen controller.

5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment is used for multi-layer coating of the same piece in different liquid phases, up to 5 layers. The machine is equipped with a pulling wire. At the fixed end of the sample of the drawing, up to two identical samples can be fixed at one time for coating. The pulling speed, the falling speed of the sample and the residence time in the liquid phase film material can be set accordingly during the working process of the 5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment. After the completion of the liquid phase coating, the loading cup is automatically transferred to the next process. This machine is equipped with a constant temperature drying oven to make the film growth process at a constant temperature and to facilitate the curing of the film. 

programmable dip coater

5 position automatic programmable dip coating equipment specifications:


6" LCD color touch screen   controller

Working Voltage: 208-240V AC

Max. Power   Consumption: 50W

Liquid Holder Disk

1.five liquid-holder positions.   Carry up to 5 kinds of liquid solutions

2.Rotate automatically as   programmed for Max. 5 positions and each position can dip max. 20   times. 

3.Coating up to 5 layers by   automatically rotating liquid-holder disk to dip sample from one solution to   another

4.Customized   program is available upon request at extra cost


Five 150 mL beakers are   included for immediate use

Dimensions: 60mm(Dia)×60mm(H)


  • Travelling Distance: 0-75 mm Adjustable

  • Dipping/Pulling Speed: 1-200 mm/min Programmable        with accuracy within +/- 0.02%

  • Temperature Range:  50-100°C (+/-1°C accuracy)

  • Dwell Time: 0-999 seconds (in liquid time)

  • Dry Time: 0-999 seconds

  • Dipping Position (turning): 1 - 5 positions (Max. 5 positions)

  • Dipping (cycle): Max. 20 times (dipping in each        position)

Note: Each   beaker position shares the same programming parameters.

Sample Holder 

Up to 2 samples can be carried sliding up   and down through two guide rods


Working   Voltage: 208-240V AC   (110V version is   available via transformer)

Max. Power   Consumption: 600W

Chamber   Dimensions: 254mm(L)×254mm(W)×280mm(H)

Inner   Material: Stainless   Steel

Outside   Dimensions: 406mm(L)×406mm(W)×610mm(H)

Product Dimensions

440mm(L) x   460mm(W) x 1040mm(H)


CE Certified


One year limited with lifetime support

Net Weight

57 kg (125 lbs)

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