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Table-top dip coating unit with infrared heater Table-top dip coating unit with infrared heater

Table-top dip coating unit with infrared heater

    Table-top dip coating unit with infrared heater is designed to keep operator involvement as minimum as possible so that variables like speed, duration, etc. are maintained accurately by the microcontroller. Movements are achieved by a precision servo motor controlled linear stage that offers vibration and noise free operation. It helps to create a uniform coating on the substrate. 

Table-top dip coating unit with infrared heater has both manual as well as PC mode. In manual mode, a user-friendly front panel with keyboard and LCD display is provided to enter all dipping and withdrawal parameters. As in PC mode, the entire unit can be controlled by user-friendly software. It is also possible to save programs for future use.The dip coating unit with infrared dryer has an infrared dryer incorporated with it, whose temperature can be set to a maximum of 200°C from ambient. It can dry the substrate after the coating has been made. It has an infrared bulb inside.

dip coating unit

Table-top dip coating unit with infrared heater specifications:


Servo   motor

Drive   mechanism

Lead   screw

Speed   control

Drawing   speed adjustable from the digital panel from 2 microns/sec    to 9000 micron/sec ( Max.)

Power Input

208-240VAC,   50/60Hz

600 W max (with heater)

Stroke length max.


Max Substrate size

40mm x 50mm

Control Unit

Speed control   via LED display with five programs memory

Temperature   control by PID digital controller with +/-1°C accuracy up to 200°C

RS232 port   for PC connection

Operation software included

Product dimension

630 x 368 x 420 mm


CE Certified

Net Weight

50 lbs

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