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Flame assisted spray pyrolysis equipment

Flame assisted spray pyrolysis equipment

    Flame assisted spray pyrolysis equipment is a spray pyrolysis coating equipment developed for research in the surface quality improvement of metallic alloys and ceramics. Spray pyrolysis is a process in which a thin film is deposited by atomizing and spraying a solution on a heated surface, where the constituent reacts to form a chemical compound.

Flame assisted spray pyrolysis equipment is fitted with accessories required for controlling the flame during the process. The solution is sprayed using a positive displacement pump and compressed air through a mixing chamber and nozzle. The substrate is placed on a hot plate, the temperature of which can be set at the desired level through a dedicated controller. The hot plate is mounted on a motorized XY platform to move the substrates during the coating process in the required sequence so that uniform coating is achieved.

Flow rate of the solution and motion sequence of the substrate are controlled through a personal computer. The flame is initiated and set at the required intensity level manually using the control accessories fitted with the equipment. As the solution is sprayed with the help of compressed air, the equipment can be used for spray pyrolysis without flame as well. The combination of pyrolysis thin films with and without flame can also be produced on the same substrates in successive operations.

In flame assisted spray pyrolysis, this spray is heated by a flame produced by an oxy-LPG gas mixture, before being deposited onto the substrate.n this technique, the solution is sprayed onto a heated substrate through an LPG flame.The chemical reactants are selected such that products other than the desired compound are volatile at the temperature of deposition. The process is generally useful for the deposition of oxides onto metal and ceramic substrates and particularly suitable for the deposition of Al2O3, ZnO and metastable solid solutions of ZnO-MgO and ZrO2-Y2O3 on amorphous silica and Nickel based super alloys.

Flame assisted spray pyrolysis equipment specifications:

Input Voltage

AC 208~240V Single phase

Liquid Dispensing Unit 

       Actuator Stepper motor

       Dispensing rate 1 - 20ml / min.

       Dispensing unit capacity 50ml & 250ml

       Syringe pump is controlled by included   Laptop computer or Microsoft Surface Pro

Compressive Air Sprayer

       One Compressive air spray nozzle is   included

       Sprayer traverse X - Y 200mm max.

       Drive speed X axis (min-max) 5 - 20mm / sec

       Drive speed Y axis (min-max) 2 - 12mm / sec

Heatable Substrate Base Plate

       Dimension:  175×175mm

       Max. temperature:  500°C

       PC connection: RS232 Port 

       PC Software is included for customer   installation

Air Pump & Gases

       One compact air compressor (5.5 gals;   220V 50Hz) is included for immediate use.

       Oxygen gas and LPG gas are required for   operation (not included).

       US standard Hose, Regulator, Valve   Assembly is included for easy connection to LPG gas tanks.

    • 10 PSI Regulator

    • 48 Inch High-Pressure Hose

    • Brass Control Valve

    • 3/8 Inch Flare Swivel Fitting

Attention: If a gas cylinder is used instead of air compressor,   a two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to   limit the pressure within the required working range for safe   operation. 

Gas Flow Control

Integrated O2 & LPG gas float meters   allow easy adjustment of the gas flow rate and thus the flame size.

     LPG Gas Float Meter:   0~2L/min

     O2 Float Meter: 0~25L/min

Ignition System

This system features Automatic Ignition   Switch which allows the operator to ignite the flame safely.

Pressure Regulator & Gauge

     Pressure regulator with digital   gauge is installed on the machine for precise air pressure control.

     Digital pressure gauge is   operated by 3V lithium battery ( included )

Water Cooling

Continuous   water circulation for cooling the Flame head is required. 

     Water temperature < 25C

     Pressure ~20PSI

     6mm O.D Water Tubing   Inlet/Outlet


       Centralized software control of almost   all of processing parameters.

       One software interface for syringe   pump, XY target, and rotating drum collector.

       All of the process parameters can be   saved as user program and retrieved for analysis or rerun.

       One brand new laptop computer or one   Microsoft Surface Pro with pre-installed software is available for   controlling.  


CE certified


One year limited with lifetime support   (demo before purchase available)

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