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High-throughput spray pyrolysis systemHigh-throughput spray pyrolysis systemHigh-throughput spray pyrolysis system

High-throughput spray pyrolysis system

    High-throughput spray pyrolysis system is a hight throughtput spray pyrolysis system, which carries  three type of solutions and coats different combination of compsition as programm to 18 mm dia. substrate upto 36 positions. The coating chamber is vacuumable which allows spray phyrolysis under controlled atmosphere.

High-throughput spray pyrolysis system is a smart equipment to explore new generation material at faster speed for battery electrodes and perovskite solar cell.Spray pyrolysis is a process in which a thin film is deposited by spraying a solution on a heated surface, where the constituent reacts to form a chemical compound. The process is particularly useful for the deposition of oxides and has long been a production method for applying a transparent electrical conductor of Tin oxide (SnO2) or Stannic oxide to a glass substrate. Now this technique is increasingly used to prepare perovskite thin film and battery electrode.

High-throughput spray pyrolysis system specifications:

Power Input

• 208 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz , single phase

• 3000W in total

Spray Nozzle

• Two spray nozzle are included

o      Compressive air spray nozzle for  thick film coating

o      Ultrasonic spray head (compressed air assisted) with 150W 120Khz Generator for solution viscosity < 30 cps.

• One digital FMC is included for delivery compresive gas in the constant pressure for spray nozzle.

Syringe pump

• Four Syringe pumps are included. Three for the solution to be mixed and coated and one for cleaning D water.

• Standard syringe capacity: 60ml (other capacity is available)

• Line speed range: 1 µm/min---120 mm/min adjustable  (Flow rate=linespeed x the area of cross section in syringe)

• Accuracy: ≦ ±0.5%(when >30% FS)

• Control: The syringe pumps are controlled by either self digital control panel or main touch screen control panel.

Solution Mixing

• Three types of solution will be mixed and dispersed in the samll container before spraying.

• Container szie: Φ25×100mm H(~ 50ml)

• Blade stiring Speed: 120 RPM

Heatable Vacuum Chamber

• The chamber is made of stainless steel

• Chamber size:  650×600×500mm

• Max. Vacuum limit: 20 torr by machncal pump, which is inclued.

• Temperature control by 30 segments programmable controller with +/- 10°C.

Processing Platform

• The precision X-Y-Z travel mechanism is built inside the vacuum chamber, which will carry the spray nozzle to the desired position for coating locally.

o      Travel   Distance:  ( X-Y axis )  200 mm Max Z axis: 60 mm Max.

o      Travel   Speed: 1mm/s - 12mm/s

• One set of substrate plate with 36 cylinder mask is built in the bottom of the chamber.

• Standard cylinder mask size:  18 mm diameter.  Other sizes are available upon request.

• The heating plate is installed at the   bottom of the substrate plate for pyrolysis treatment.

o      Temperature Range: RT - 500℃Max. ( < 30 minutes)

o      Temperature Unifomity:  ≤±5℃

Control Unit

• 7" touchscreen control panel is   installed on the front of the chamber, which programs and controls all   parameters for spraying.

• Vacuum time and inert gas purging time is programmable.

• Flow rate and spraying time in three syringe pump to each cylinder mask are programmable to form different composition, and make 36 position coating automatically.

• 128 recipes can be stored in the control panel to achieve one button operation automatically.

• Manual operation mode is available to achieve coating point to point.

• PC operation software is available upon request at the extra cost


  1100L×730W×1500 H mm

Net Weight

1000 Kg


One year limited warranty with lifetime support (demo before purchase available)


The max pressure in the chamber is 0.02 Mpa. There is pressure release valve is built in the chamber to protect over pressure.

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