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6 position compact SILAR dip coating system 6 position compact SILAR dip coating system 6 position compact SILAR dip coating system

6 position compact SILAR dip coating system

    6 position compact SILAR dip coating system has 6 positions sample holder for programmable. The dipping speed, dip duration, retrieval speed and dry duration can be set for each beaker station, and one hot plate on the bottom can heat all breaker up to 80°C.

      6 position compact SILAR dip coating system  has been designed to automate the entire process to avoid operator fatigue and errors associated with it. In manual SILAR process, the operator has to perform hundreds of repetitive dipping into the solution and water. It is very difficult to control dip duration and number of dips in a manual process which can last hours. In the automated unit, the operator just needs to clamp the substrate into the holder and program the controller with required dip cycles and duration.The device uses a liquid phase film preparation process - SILAR (continuous ion adsorption reaction) method to deposit a film on a glass substrate. This technique involves multiple dipping of the substrate in a given solution and deionized water, both temperatures can be varied from case to case.

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6 position compact SILAR dip coating system specifications:


Stepper motor

Drive Mechanism

Lead screw

Dip Duration

0 - 99 seconds / minutes / hours

Speed Control

Drawing speed adjustable by   digital panel from 1 to 9999 μm/s or from 1 to 12 mm/s for each breaker station independently

Number of Cycles


Power Input

1.Single phase 208-240VAC, 50/   60Hz 600 W max. (with heater)

2.Power   cable included but without the plug. Please install a plug by your own   or to choose a plug according to your country or your lab requirement.


Stepper motor

Stroke Length Max.

75 mm

Sample Holder

1.Three sets of sample fixture can load up to 18   samples (each sample fixture can hold 6 sample slide)

2.Six 150 ml glass beakers are included for immediate   use

Control Unit

Speed control via LED display with   8 programs memory

Temperature control by a digital   controller with +/-1°C accuracy up to 80°C ( Bottom heating plate for   all breakers )


One year limited with lifetime support


All electric components are UL certified and the machine is   ready to pass TUV, CSA or UL test at extra cost

Net Weight

50 lbs

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