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Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater

Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater

    Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater is a desktop programmable dip coater with color touch screen controller. It is designed for R&D Lab to prepare various optical or epitaxial films from liquid solution. Dipping rate, pulling rate, dwell time and life cycle can be setup by touch screen. 

Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater pulls the sample vertically by pulling the wire to grow a film of a certain thickness on the surface of the sample. The dip coater adopts a single-board machine to control the rise and fall speed of the pulling wire, so that the elevator runs smoothly and accurately. The sample can be immersed in the liquid film material by manual control and automatically pulled back. It can also be manually pulled back by automatically controlling the immersion into the liquid film material; the dwell time can be controlled according to individual needs. The dip coater is small in size and saves test space; it is easy to operate and clean. Therefore, the machine is widely used in the laboratories of universities, research institutes and enterprise.

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Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coater specifications:

Dipping/Pulling speed

1-200 mm/minute Adjustable 

Accuracy: +/- 0.05%

Note: Higher Dipping/pulling   rate upto 1000mm/min is feasible upon request.

Dipping/Pulling traveling

0-75mm Adjustable


DC24V, 90W max

An universal power adapter for 100-240 VAC   input volage is included.

Sample holder

Two screw sample clips are installed in   the sample holder in order to carry the samples sliding up and down   through two guide rods

Beaker Holder

The beaker which contains the coating   material (coating solution) will be placed into the slot of the beaker holder

Solution container

One 150ml beaker is included

Max. Sample size

50mm(L) ×25mm(W) ×2.5mm(T)

Sample weight

less than 250g

Dipping/Pulling Motor

Stepping motor

Product dimension

340mm(L) ×360mm(W) ×540mm(H)


CE Certified


One year limited with lifetime support

Net Weight

45 lbs

Millimeter grade programmable lab dip coaterstandard package:





Desktop Dip Coater



110/220V AC Power Line by selective switch



Screw Sample Holder



Beaker Holder with Guide Pillar



150mL Beaker


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