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Small automatic drying cast coating machine Small automatic drying cast coating machine Small automatic drying cast coating machine

Small automatic drying cast coating machine

    It has a unique driving system to produce a smooth coating on all types of materials. The flat vacuum chuck is built in to hold the substrate sheet in place, One 100mm width adjustable micrometer applicator (doctor-blade)is included. Heating plate with digital controller either on top or bottom is optional for drying up to 100°C  with +/-1℃ temperature accuracy.

Small automatic drying cast coating machine is widely used in various high-temperature coating research, such as ceramic film, crystal film, battery material film, special nano film, and can adapt to the development of film forming technology under the high temperature conditions in the future.The Small automatic drying cast coating machine pushes the precision film-making machine at a constant speed to achieve a smooth and uniform coating effect, and the speed of the film-forming device can be controlled according to individual needs. The substrate is fixed by vacuum adsorption so that the substrate is free from wrinkles during the coating process, thereby making the coating smoother. After coating, the upper cover can heat and dry the film, and the temperature control accuracy is ±1 °C. Particularly suitable for the preparation of solid electrolytes and lithium battery pole pieces.

Small automatic drying cast coating machine specifications:

Power adaptor

Input 100-240VAC, Output 24VDC

Traverse Speed

·  10 - 100 mm/sec variable

·   Accuracy: +/-10 mm/sec

Stroke Length

10-250mm adjustable by using Adjustable Position Switch

Vacuum Chuck

·  Vacuum chuck made of Aluminum alloy with < 1.0 mm hole

·   Vacuum Chuck Dimensions:365mm(L)×200mm(W)

Pump connector

·   Vacuum control power switch is located on the front panel, and power plug (female) built in the back of   the machine to connect an optional vacuum pump.

·   The pump connector is   compression type 8mm O.D tube fitting which is located on the back   panel. An 8mm Dia. 4ft polyurethane tube is included. 

Heating Cover

·  Built-in digital temperature controller with accuracy of +/-1

·  Suspension support helps open cover easily and safely

·  Max. Heating Temperature: 100

Note: In order faster and uniform heating,  please preheated vacuum chunk to 60-70 before coating, and keep heating during coating, then close cover and increase temperature to ~100after coating.

Product Dimensions


Net Weight

60 kg (135lbs)

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