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Top heating type automatic film coater Top heating type automatic film coater Top heating type automatic film coater

Top heating type automatic film coater

    Top heating type automatic film coater is a large automatic film coater with vacuum chuck designed to produce films with consistent thickness by using micrometer adjustable applicators or fixed thickness applicators.It has a unique driving system to produce the smooth coating on all types of materials.

The flat vacuum chuck is built in to hold the substrate sheet in place, which is particularly useful when coating on the thin substrate and making uniform tape casting. The 100℃ heating cover on the top vaporizes the water immediately and there is a micrometer adjustable applicator included for immediate use. This machine can be used for research on ceramic tape casting and Li-Ion battery electrode coating.


Top heating type automatic film coater specifications:

Working Voltage


Heating Power: Two options110VAC and   220VAC, Please select the voltage based on requirement.

Max. Power Consumption


Traverse Speed

5 - 100 mm/sec variable

Accuracy: 10mm/sec

Stroke Length

10-550 mm adjustable by   using Adjustable Position Switch

Max. Coating Dimensions

250mm(W) x 550mm(L)

Vacuum chuck

l    Vacuum chuck made of Aluminum   alloy with < 1 mm holes

l    Vacuum Chuck Dimensions:   600mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 20mm(H)

Heating Cover

l    Voltage Selection: 110VAC and   220VAC

l    Heating Power: 1200W

Film Applicator

l    One 250 mm width Micrometer   Adjustable Film Applicator is included, with an adjustable thickness of 0.01   mm - 5 mm

l    Traverse Pusher is included   for pushing the doctor blade to ensure constant speed coating

l    Note: Thinnest film can be   achieved is > 10 micron

Net Weight

30 kg (67 lbs)


One-year limited warranty with lifetime   support

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