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10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner

10L 13.56MHz Plasma Cleaner


    1. Environmental technologies: plasma process is the role of gas - solid coherent reactor consumes no water resources, no need to add chemicals and no environmental pollution.

    2. Wide adaptability: regardless of processing substrate type, such as metals, semiconductors, oxides, and most of the polymer material can be a good deal;

    3. Low temperature: close to room temperature, particularly suitable polymer materials, have a longer retention time and a higher surface tension than the corona and flame method.

    4. Multi-function: it involves only a shallow surface of polymer materials (10 -1000A), while preserving the characteristics of the material itself can give it one or more new features;

    5. Low cost: the device is simple, easy operation and maintenance, continuous operation,a few bottles of gas can replace thousands of kilograms cleaning fluid

    6. The whole process technology can be controlled: all the parameters can be setted by the computer and data recording

    7. Treated geometry Unlimited: Big or small, simple or complex, parts or textiles can be processed.

Technical parmaters 

Power supply:AC220V
Working current:Total working current not higher than1.2A (Not include the vacuum pump)
RF Power:200W
Radio frequency:13.56MKHZ(offset less than 0.2Hz)
Frequency offsetLess than 0.2KHz
Characteristic impedance:50 Ohm,Automatic matching
Vacuum degree:30Pa—100Pa
Gas flow:10—100ml/min(Adjustable)
Process Control:MCU Automatic and manual mode
Cleaning time:1-6000 secds adjustable
Power supply:10%-100% Adjustable
Inside chamber size200mm×320mm
Outside dimension:600*600*780mm
Vacuum chamber temperatureLess than 65°C
Cooling type:Forced cooling



1.Car industry: ignition coil engine oil seal film

2.Defense industry: Aerospace electrical connectors,Kevlar deal

3.Electronics industry: hard plastic parts, earphone, Cell phone cover

4.Medical industry: intravenous infusion, catheter treatment

5.Textile fiber,rubber and plastic industry and etc

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