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Glass optical plasma cleaner

Glass optical plasma cleaner

    Glass optical plasma cleaner is an important material surface modification method, which can be applied to the field of glass optics. The processing temperature can be as low as 80℃ and below 50℃. The low processing temperature can ensure no thermal influence on the sample surface.

Glass optical plasma cleaner performance advantages:

(1) German circuit technology:

It adopts German high-voltage excitation power circuit technology to generated high-density plasma and ensure superior cleaning results.

(2) Comprehensive security protection:

Temperature safety protection function, overload protection function, air pressure abnormality protection function, short circuit breaking alarm protection function, various misoperation protection functions.

(3) Unique discharge technology:

Special treatment and special structure of the discharge device ensure a stable and uniform plasma.

(4) Production with assembly line:

According to the user's site requirements, the optimal assembly line production plan is configured to greatly improve production efficiency.

(5) Quality product parts:

All the components of the product are made of top quality parts at home and abroad to ensure superior equipment performance.

(6) Low temperature cleaning:

Meet the temperature requirements of different occasions, no temperature effect on the cleaning products.

(7) Precision numerical control processing:

Imported precision CNC machine tool processing technology, and equipped with imported three-coordinate measuring instrument for quality monitoring.

plasma cleaner

Glass optical plasma cleaner technical specifications:

System standard accessories

Equipment size

160W * 500D * 400Hmm



Input power



1000W adjustable

High voltage frequency



Overload protection, short circuit protection, open circuit   protection, temperature protection

remote control

Local control and remote control are available

Spray gun selection

Direct spray gun


Magnetic suspension rotary motor spray gun


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