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45mm rotary spray gun plasma cleaner

45mm rotary spray gun plasma cleaner

    45mm rotary spray gun plasma cleaner can be processed online at high speed to improve production efficiency. The characteristics of the plasma are used to clean, activate and activate the surface of the solid material to be treated, thereby realizing the purpose of changing the surface microstructure, chemical properties and energy.

Plasma cleaner, also known as plasma surface treatment device, is a new high-tech technology that uses plasma to achieve the results that conventional cleaning methods cannot achieve. Plasma is a state of matter, also called the fourth state of matter, and does not belong to the common three-state of solid-liquid-gas. Applying enough energy to the gas to ionize it becomes a plasma state. The "active" components of the plasma include: ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited states of nuclides (metastasis), photons, and the like. Plasma cleaner is to treat the surface of the sample by utilizing the properties of these active components, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning, coating, etc., improving the surface adhesion of the product, and facilitating the bonding, spraying, printing and sealing of the product.

45mm rotary spray gun plasma cleaner principle:

1.Etching effect on the surface of the material - physical effect

A large number of active particles in the plasma, such as a large number of ions, excited molecules, and free radicals, act on the surface of the solid sample, which not only removes the original contaminants and impurities, but also produces an etching effect to roughen the surface of the sample and form many fine pits, which increases the specific surface of the sample,improves the wetting properties of solid surfaces.

2.Activation bond energy, cross-linking

The energy of the particles in the plasma is between 0 and 20 eV, and most of the bond energy in the polymer are between 0 and 10 eV. Therefore, after the plasma acts on the solid surface, the original chemical bond on the solid surface can be broken. Free radicals in the plasma form a network of crosslinked structures with these bonds, greatly activating surface activity. 

3.Formation of new functional groups - chemical action

If a reactive gas is introduced into the electric discharge gas, a complicated chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the activated material, and new functional groups such as hydrocarbonyl, amidogen, carboxyl group, and the like are introduced, and these functional groups are all active groups, which can significantly improve the surface activity of the material.

plasma cleaner

45mm rotary spray gun plasma cleaner structure:

The structure of the plasma cleaner is mainly composed of two parts:

    First, the plasma generator is composed of the integrated circuit, operation control, plasma generating power source, gas source processing, and safety protection.

    Second, the plasma processing apparatus is composed of an excitation electrode, an excitation gas path, and the like.

45mm rotary spray gun plasma cleaner specifications:

System standard accessories

Equipment size

160W * 500D * 400Hmm



Input power



1000W adjustable

High voltage frequency



Overload protection, short circuit protection, open circuit   protection, temperature protection

remote   control

Local control and remote control are available

Spray gun selection

Direct spray gun

2mm, 5mm

Magnetic suspension rotary motor spray gun

20mm, 40mm

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