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5L plasma cleaner (capacitive coupling)5L plasma cleaner (capacitive coupling)5L plasma cleaner (capacitive coupling)

5L plasma cleaner (capacitive coupling)

    The plasma cleaner uses the properties of these active components to treat the surface of the sample, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning, coating, etc.

Plasma cleaner is a new high-tech technology that uses plasma to achieve effects that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning methods. Plasma is a state of matter, also called the fourth state of matter, and it is not the common three states of solid, liquid and gas. Apply enough energy to the gas to ionize and become a plasma state. The "active" components of plasma include: ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited nuclides (metastable states), photons, etc. The plasma cleaner uses the properties of these active components to treat the surface of the sample, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning, coating, etc.

5L Plasma Cleaner Features:

The chamber has a large usable area, uniform glowing, and can clean 6-inch silicon wafers.

5L Plasma Cleaner Technical Parameters:

Main parts



Cleaning chamber

Chamber material


Chamber size


Coupling method

Capacitive coupling

RF power supply

Power supply features

The power supply is an all-solid-state RF power    supply, and adopts a high-stability and high-reliability power amplifier   module and a DC module, which effectively ensures the RF power output of the   power supply. High quality electronic components are used to ensure the   reliability of the products.

Power advantages

 Long time normal operation

 Simple and flexible operation

 High power supply efficiency and low heat   generation

With   perfect reflection power protection function

RF power

0~300W continuously adjustable

Signal frequency

13.56MHz ±0.005%

Reflected power


Power stability


RF connector

N type connector

Machine efficiency


Harmonic component

-50 dBc

Cooling method

Forced air cooling

Gas measurement

Measuring unit

Two-channel mass flow meter Ar 0~200sccm; O2 0~200sccm,   customizable

Other parameters refer to previous products


Vacuum measurement

Digital vacuum gauge (resistance gauge)

Vacuum pump

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Motor speed

50 Hz: 1440; 60 Hz: 1720

Pumping rate

50 Hz: 240L/Min; 60 Hz: 288L/Min

Vacuum range


Ultimate vacuum


Motor noise


Pipe interface

Gas inlet: KF16; exhaust port KF16.

Connecting pipe

KF16 vacuum bellows

Vacuum valve

KF16 ball valve

Motor Power



Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz

Total power


Operating temperature


Working vacuum


Overall size


Total Weight

80kg (including packaging)

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