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 CY-1200X-I-HPV Tube Furnace

CY-1200X-I-HPV Tube Furnace

    CY-1200X-I-HPV is a high-pressure verticle split tube furnace with two heating zones. The processing tube is made of 70 mm OD. Ni-based superalloy with 1100oC max working temperature, which is designed for growing crystal via the high-pressure hydrothermal method.

High temperature high pressure vertical tube furnace
Tube MaterialSS310S Stainless Steel alloy
O.D80mm x I.D70(±2) mmO.D60mm x I.D 50(±2) mm
Ni based super-alloy GH747OD 60mm x ID 52 mm
Copper gasketO.D80mm tube:Gasket
99 O.D x 82 I.D x 2.2mm
O.D 60mm tube:
82 O.D x 63.6 I.D x 2.2mm
For 60mm O.D tube:
82 O.D x 63.6 I.D x 2.2mm
Working Pressure vs. Working Temperature577 PSI max at ≤500°C511 PSI max at ≤600°C428 PSI max at ≤700°C363 PSI max. at ≤800°C185 PSI max at ≤900°CAttention: Never heat up above 900°C725 PSI (5Mpa) max. at ≤800°C
435 PSI (3Mpa) max. at ≤900°C217 PSI (1.5Mpa) max. at ≤1000°C145 PSI (1Mpa) max. at 1100°C
Attention: Never heat up above 1100°C
Pressure Measurement Range0~15Mpa0~15Mpa
Max. Heating Temperature900°C1100°C
Working GasesInert gas & HydrogenInert gas, hydrogen and oxygen
Heating Temperature800°C continuous1100°C max.for < 1hr 
1000C for continuous
Heating Rate≤30°C/min≤20°C/min
Heating ElementFe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by MoFe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Heating ZoneTotal length: 440mm Single zone
Constant temp. zone: 150mm ±1°C, or as customized
Temperature ControlPID control method with over-temp protection
Temperature stability: ±1°C
ThermocoupleOmega 3mm OD K Type with high temperature tolerance (220°C) connector
Positive Pressure SensorInstalled in high pressure flange
PC controlYes
Pressure Alarm SystemUpper limit and lower limit control method
Alarm strob and warning whistle
VoltageAC 220V 50/60Hz, or as customized
Power2.5KW(20A breaker required)
WarrantyOne year limited manufacturer warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating element are not covered by the warranty).

CY-1200X-I-HPV Tube Furnace

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