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CY-V1200-50IC Tube Furnace CY-V1200-50IC Tube Furnace CY-V1200-50IC Tube Furnace

CY-V1200-50IC Tube Furnace

    CY-V1200-50IC is a UL/CSA ready to pass and a Fluidized Bed Vertical Furnace with 1'' O.D Quartz Tube (2'' O.D enlarged central area) for powder CVD ( FBCVD)applications. It consists a vertical positioned cylindrical heating chamber which surrounds the quartz tube with a built-in filter right in the lower middle section of the central heating zone. Its filter is a porous (15~40 microns) quartz frit that allows the controlled gas flow pass through and float the particles on a cushion of the gas stream where the interaction between the solid and gaseous materials take place.

Featrues of Split Vertical Tube Furnace

1. Double shell casing with three cooling fans

2. high purity quartz tube, resistance high temperature 1200 ℃

3. Programmable and PID automatic control

4.High purity alumina fibrous chamber material insulation for energy saving

5.Split cover enable faster cooling and easy operate

Technical parmaters

Limiting temperature1200℃
Working temperature  ≤1150℃
Heating rateSuggestion 0~20℃/min
Temperature zone220mm (as customized)
Temperature accuracy±1℃
Chamber sizeΦ50×1000(mm)
Heating elementIron-Cr-Al wire 
Thermal coupleK Type
Temperature controlPID automatic control via SCR power control
Heatingcurves30 steps programmable
Rated power2kw
Chamber materialalumina fiber
Constant heating zone100mm
Working voltageAC 220V 50-60Hz
Standard accessoriessealed flanges 1 pcs, O rings 4 pcs, quartz tube 1 pcs, vacuum pump 1 set, pipe plug 4 pcs, oven gloves, crucible tongs each 1 pcs

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