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Customized 5 heads RF plasma magnetron sputtering coater

    Customized 5 heads RF plasma magnetron sputtering coater is capable of a five-element combinatorial coating of up to 16 samples with varying compositions, making it especially good for searching high-performance solid state electrolyte materials, magnetic alloys, and multiferroic materials.

Customized 5 heads RF plasma magnetron sputtering coater is particularly suitable for exploring solid electrolyte materials, combined by 5 different elements in 16 different ratios.This equipment is mainly used to make an oxide film on a single crystal substrate, so there is no need for a high vacuum environment.

Customized 5 heads RF plasma magnetron sputtering coater specifications:


  • 5 magnetron sputtering guns for 5 different target materials

  • Depending on the power supplies used (RF or DC), both metallic and non-metallic materials can be deposited. 

  • Capable of sputtering 5 target materials to produce various  compositions via different sputtering times / rates

  • With optional 5 power supplies, 5 target materials can be sputtered at the same time for combinatorial sputtering

  • 16 samples can be deposited in one batch with a mask and a rotating sample holder

Input Power

  • Single phase 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

  • 1000 W (including vacuum pump and water chiller)

Power Source

  • One 13.5 MHz,300 W auto-match RF generator is included and connected to the sputtering heads

  • The rotatable switch can activate one sputtering head at a time. Sputtering heads can be switched “in the plasma” without breaking of vacuum during a multilayer process.

  • Multiple RF power supplies are optional, which allows user to sputter multi-target at the same time for combinatorial sputtering

  • Laptop with control software is available at extra cost to control each RF gun's sputtering time and power

Magnetron   Sputtering Head

  • Five 1" magnetron sputtering heads with water cooling jackets are included and inserted into quartz chamber via quick clamps

  • One manually operated shutter is built on the flange

  • One 10 L/min digitally controlled recirculating water chiller is included for cooling sputtering heads

Sputtering   Target

  • Target size requirement: 1" diameter×1/8" thickness max

  • Sputtering distance range: 50 – 80 mm adjustable

  • Sputtering angle range: 0 – 25° adjustable 

  • 1" diameter Cu target and Al2O3 target are included for demo testing

Vacuum Chamber


  • Vacuum chamber is made of 304 stainless steel with reinforcing rib 

  • Inside vacuum chamber size: 470 mm L×445 mm D×522 mm H  (~105 Liters, 18.5“×17.5"× 20.5")

  • Round 380 mm Dia. hinged type door with 150 mm Dia glass window

  • Temperature range: -15 to 150 °C

  • Vacuum level: 4.0E-5 torr with turbo pump

Sample Holder


  • 150 mm diameter rotatable sample holder for coating 16 sample one one batch with different compositions

  • Sample holder and mask rotation can be controlled manually by a button or automatically by a control software (Optional)

  • The sample holder temperature is adjustable from RT to 600 °C max

Vacuum Pump

  • KF40 vacuum port is built in for connecting to a vacuum pump.

  • A compact turbo pump is included

  • 4.0E-5 Torr with optional turbo pump

Net   Weight

60 kg


One years limited warranty with lifetime support 

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