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Electron beam evaporation coating system

Electron beam evaporation coating system

    Electron beam evaporation coating system is mainly composed of evaporation vacuum chamber, e-type electron gun, thermal evaporation electrode, rotary substrate heating platform, working air path, exhaust system, vacuum measurement, electronic control system and installation machine platform.

Electron beam evaporation coating system is used for preparing conductive film, semiconductor film, ferroelectric film, optical film, etc. It is widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and small batch production.

Electron beam evaporation coating system specifications:


U-box front opening vacuum chamber, rear-mounted pumping system

Vacuum chamber


Vacuum system configuration

Compound molecular pump, mechanical pump, gate valve

Ultimate pressure


≤6. 67×10-5Pa (after baking and degassing)

Vacuum recovery system

It can reach 6.67×10-4pa in 45 minutes (after the system is exposed to the   atmosphere for a short time and is filled with dry nitrogen)

Electron beam evaporation source

E type electron gun

Anode voltage: 6kv、8kv;

Quantity (set)



Water-cooled crucible, four point design, each capacity of 11ml


0~6 KW adjustable

Resistance evaporation source (optional)


5, 10V


Current 300A,the maximum output 3kw


One set, Switchable

Water cooling electrode

Three roots, make up two evaporation boats

Type and size of workpiece frame

Substrate size:  compatible with 4″substrate

Max substrate   heating temperature 800℃±1℃

Substrate rotates continuously, rotation speed:5-60 rpm

The distance between the substrate and the evaporation source is adjustable from 300 to   350mm

Manually controlled sample baffle   assembly: 1 set

Gas circuit   system

1-circuit 200SCCM mass flow controller

Quartz crystal oscillation film thickness controller

Thickness monitoring range: 0~99u9999A;

Floor Space

Main Set


Electrical   Cabinet

800×800mm2 (two)

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