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CYKY-600-3HD three-target magnetron sputtering coaterCYKY-600-3HD three-target magnetron sputtering coaterCYKY-600-3HD three-target magnetron sputtering coater

CYKY-600-3HD three-target magnetron sputtering coater

    Three-target magnetron sputtering coater is equipped with three target guns, one supporting RF power supply for sputter coating of non-conductive targets, and two supporting DC power supplies for sputter coating of conductive materials.

CYKY-600-3HD three-target magnetron sputtering coater is a newly developed coating equipment, which can be used to prepare monolayer or multi-layer ferroelectric film, conductive film, alloy film, semiconductor film, ceramic film, dielectric film, optical Film, oxide film, hard film, polytetrafluoroethylene film, and the like. Compared with similar equipment, it is not only widely used, but also has the advantages of small size and easy operation. It is an ideal equipment for laboratory preparation of material films, especially suitable for laboratory research on solid electrolytes and OLEDs.

CYKY-600-3HD three-target magnetron sputtering coater specifications:


CYKY-300-3HD   three-target magnetron sputtering coater



Installation   conditions

This   equipment is required to be used at the altitude of 1000m or less, the   temperature of 25±   15, and the   humidity of 55% Rh ± 10% Rh.

1.   Water: The equipment is equipped with a self-circulating chiller (filling   pure water or deionized water)

2.   Electricity: AC220V 50Hz, must have a good ground connection.

3.   Gas: The equipment chamber needs to be filled with argon gas (purity of   99.99% or more). Self-provided argon gas cylinder (with Ø6mm double ferrule   joint) and pressure reducing valve

4.   Workbench: size 650mm × 600mm × 700mm, bearing more than 200kg

5. Ventilation   device: need

Main features

1.   Configure three target guns, it can be used for RF coating power supply for   sputter coating of non-conductive targets, or DC power supply for sputter   coating of conductive materials (target guns can be exchanged according to   customer needs).

2.   It can prepare a variety of films, and has a wide range of applications.

3.   It is small in size and easy to operate.

4.   the modular design of the whole machine, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump set,   control power supply split type design, it can be adjusted according to the   actual needs of users.

5.   you can choose the power supply according to your actual needs, it can   control multiple target guns with one power supply, or control one target gun   with multiple power sources

Technical   parameters

1.   the power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz

2.   total power: 2.5W (excluding vacuum pump)

3.   Working vacuum degree: 10-4Pa

4.   working temperature: RT-500,   accuracy ± 1(you can   increase the temperature according to actual needs)

5.   the number of target guns: 3

6.   target gun cooling method: water cooling

7.   Target size: Ø2’’, thickness 0.1-5mm (different thickness depending on target   material)

8.   DC sputtering power: 500W (optional)

9.   RF sputtering power: 300W / 500W (optional)

10.   loading sample table: Ø140mm

11.   the sample table speed: adjustable within 1rpm-20rpm

12.   Protective gas: inert gases such as Ar and N2

13.   Intake gas path: mass flow meter controls 2 channels of intake air, 1 flow is   100 SCCM, 1 flow is 200 SCCM


Main   unit size: 500mm×560mm×660mm, the whole machine size: 1300mm×660mm×1200mm;   weight: 160kg

Standard   accessories


DC power control   system



RF power control   system



Film   thickness monitor system



Molecular   pump






Cooling   water pipe (Ø6mm)


Standard   accessories

Various targets   such as gold, indium, silver, and platinum

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