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CY-in-line magnetron sputtering system

    CY-in-line magnetron sputtering system is used to deposit metal film (Al, Ag, Ni, Cu, Ti, Pd, etc.) on the surface of crystal silicon, and can realize reactive sputtering. It can complete magnetron sputtering process under high and low vacuum, and also has the ability to produce crystalline silicon photovoltaic film in various sizes and large sizes.

CY-in-line magnetron sputtering system mainly consists of a loading sample chamber, a sputtering chamber, a output sample chamber, a substrate transfer mechanism, a pumping and vacuum measuring system, a gas circuit system, an electronic control system, and a mounting base. In addition, after the system is upgraded, it would be a 5 chamber structure: the loading sample chamber, 3 independent sputtering chambers, output sample chamber; Rf power supply is added to provide the function of preparing dielectric film and realize continuous coating.

CY-in-line magnetron sputtering system specifications:

Main sputtering chamber

Square vacuum chamber, size: 1000×700×350mm

Loading samplechamber

Cylindrical, bed chamber, dimension: 250×420mm

Vacuum   system

Molecular pump, mechanical pump, gate valve

Ultimate   pressure

Main sputtering   chamber

≤8×10-5Pa (after baking degassing)

Loading   sample chamber

≤6.6×10-4Pa (after baking degassing)


recovery  time

Main  sputtering chamber

Can reach 6.6×10-4Pa in 40 mins (The system exposed the atmosphere for a short time and filled with dry   nitrogen to start pumping)

Loading   sample chamber

Can reach6.6×10-3Pa in 20 mins (The system exposed the atmosphere for a short time and filled with dry   nitrogen to start pumping)

Magnetic target component

Rectangular target size: 450×45 mm

Distance between target and sample: 80mm adjustable

Substrate   heating platform

Substrate size

125×125mm or 156×156mm, 4 samples can be installed at one time

Heating   temperature

Room temperature: 400±2, adjustable

Gas circuit system

Mass flow controller 3 circuits

Space   occupied

Main unit


Electric cabinet

700×700mm²  (Two)

After-sales service

after the goods are delivered, CYKY provides one year of free after-sales service. The service method is limited to remote technical support such as telephone guidance, video guidance, mail guidance, and accessories mailing. If the customer needs to send someone to provide door-to-door service, the customer shall pay the travel expenses and   wages of the service personnel during the business trip.

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